Been off for a while …

So I have been gone for a while now and that is due to the fact that firstly in summer we traveled to my home country and internet was terrible so i couldn’t blog. Then when i came to AbuDhabi I directly started school and being an IB student is not easy AT ALL. So much studying to be done plus the volunteering work and etc.. Also pt the fact that I moved to  new school this year to be an Ib students. I am fitting in well and i made so many friends and it wasn’t hard thats probably due to my open personality and my fun spirit. Last week i decided to run for the position of the vice president of the school even though i am new and it has been a stressful week i had to make posters prepare my speech convince people to vote for me uh wasn’t easy at all i even did terrible on my physics midterm and probably failed but tbh that wasn’t due to my busyness with my campaign its just that physics is really hard. Why did i even take it as a subject? oh right i don’t want to spend my entire life studying  in university you know doctors and shit. Also even though physics is extremely hard i still love it you know i just enjoy it and i have always wanted to be an inventor but as i grew up i know what i wanted to invent. So anyway back to my campaign it was kind of a success i guess i had really cool posters with a sense of humour and creativity in them and then on Thursday i said the best speech anyone has ever heard actually i rapped it. The crowd was cheering so loudly even the teachers loved it. i felt like i am on top of the world and nothing could beat me. it was the best feeling ever. The voting will take place tom and funny thing is i am responsible for collecting and counting the votes along with my classmates like burh for real you pick me? Anyway I am  new student in the school so i am not expecting to win but if i did that would be awesome cause tbh think i am the most fit for the position because of my creativity and great leadership and outgoing personality. if was in my old school i would’ve probably won for sure but sadly i am not. So wish me best of luck that i win tom and lets just hope for the best!



I realise I have been off for a few days and that is because we are traveling soon so yeah.
Anyhow, I also didnt have anything in mind to talk about but then it occurred to me out of the blue education! without education you are basically worthless. I mean whats going to differ you from an animal then?
Education helps you make a path in life and succeed. You want to be on top of the world? You need knowledge. Even if you made it in life as an actor and singer, you still need knowledge. Whe you go on talk shows and you have no idea about what’s going on wouldnt that be embarrassing?
The more knowledge you have the more of the world you understand.  Also, the more you are capable of helping to change the world to a better place.
People still remember all these great scientist, doctors, engineers who contributed to the world!.
For instance Marie Curie(my role model) was the only person to win two Nobel prize in two science(lol a person hardly wins one Nobel prize) and she was the first woman to win a nobel prize in a matter of a fact. Without knowledge, would she have been capable of doing that? I believe not.
If you ever thought about dropping school, don’t. Clear that thought from your head cause without education you are nothing.


My friends completely surprised me. First they came to my house and got me brownies(my friend’s dad make the best and I really like them) and this other type of food thats nutella filled.The got me two incredibly beautiful pair of shoes that I loved. Then they took me blowing and ice skating which was so much fun I had a blast! Later on we went to eat at Papa Johns and I find a group of my close friends from school  sitting and am just like so amazed and happy. And then there was this special chair with balloons tied up and under it pictures and notes of people who couldn’t make  it cause they were travelling and that was literally the cutest thing ever! I thought that was it man like what else is there. After eating TH3Y GET ME MORE GIFTSS LIKE WOOOW WHAT MORE GIFTS FOR ME?
It was a painting set like brushes, canvas, oil painting and like OMG THE PERFECT GIFT!! LIKE I REALLY LOVR PAINTING AND STUFF SO I WAS SO HAPPY. They also got me 3 long lasting lipsticks that I really wanted so bad and a victoria secret perfume.  I am was speechless tbh like what else could a person want for the best group of friends. I could endlessly speak about how much I love them all but I wouldnt stop. They are such great friends they made it the bst birthday ever god bless there souls.









I have been thinking a lot about what should I write about today and then it just hit me. Dates. I really don’t understand this trend with the *shoving breadstick into bag* thing tbh but it is kinda funny. Anyhow, tbh I never really been on a date before no that I am a forever alone person? it just that I dont really believe in dating in such a age you know? But still that wont stop me from blogging about the shit you should do on dates.
You should never check you phone ay man its a sign of not being interested and even if you are not interested be nice and act poliet and gentleman/lady. Second, the guy has to always pay(we all know that), if you let your date pay then you are an ass. If you are interested in your date and you think it nay wor between u two both then engage more in the conversation dont be nervous and shy, chicks dont dig shy guys or maybe some do idk. But what I do know is that you should impose your presence but not be dominant cause that will just be annoying as hell. Just tell yourself “I am an awesome dude/girl, if my date doesn’t like or doesn’t see that then it’s their loss” unless you act like a jerk/B**** then yeah forget about what I said.
May I add that you are below 18 years old you should really be dating because in this age you zhould be focusing on school and getting into a good university. I mean you have your friends as company you don’t need a bf/gf too much drama.
Now, my opinion of an idle date is that he takes me somewhere fun! I don’t want to go sit in a restaurant and do nothing.  We could go to fun city or bowling and he will of course let win in most games although I dont think he will need too cause I will probs win in everything cause I am like you know lol (jk). Then after having fun he takes me to eat cause I will probably be starving actually not cross probably I will be starving I always am. We go eat and he pays as gentleman and then take me for a walk in a park(even tho I hate parks here they all look ew but the ones on tv like those in New York look really nice. Then he drops me home and wishes me a lovely night. (keeping it PG hahah) so yeah basically thats it the perfect date.


Food. We all love food whether its fast food, healthy food or any kind of food(but like fast food more ofc). I mean it is essential to keep us alive right? Man, I dont kno about you people but I loooove pizza. I was just arguing with this guy( who i had a crush on and apparently still not over it lol sad life) that pizza is the best thing ever but he is like no its not that good. Hum not sure why I have a crush on him tbh lol. I would like to take this moment and post this quote said by Marshall from HIMYM

We begin with the first bite. Aww the crunch, and then marinara, that roiling lava of tomato and oregano it overtakes you. I’m falling. And that’s when she catches you. That chewy voluptuous mistress Mozzarella. Oven-kissed cheeks crackle with warmth in your mouth, cradling the sauce and the bread letting you know from now on this is home. This pizza… It’s home.

I completely agree with every word he said and if u do too I guess our friendship is meant to be. Pizza is one of the main reasons why I wanna travel to Italy. Okay, pizza isn’t my only favourite thing SPHAGETTI(not rly sure how its spelt dont judge) AND PASTA AYYY I love pasta man its like my second favourite thing in the world( well not second but you get were I am going with this)
Pasta is just so good especially the oven cooked once dayym. I am inlove.
I just love food. I mean I am not really that fat but I do need to drop some weight BUT LIKE HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO STOP EATING KFC AND ALL THESE DELICOUS STUFF TELL MEE?? I mean I do go to the gym once every God knows how long tbh (jk I got to the gym like weekly) but still. I find die ti ing really hard and having to stick with healthy food for a period. My friend once did it idk how but she did it. I still envy her for that but I am also really proud of her for actually sticking up to the diet and losing so much weight. Anyhow, what am saying is that we all love food and live is too short to diet and not eat ehat you love (unless you are really overweight and you are under a risk of getting disease and dying then yeah you should stay away from unhealth food). Also, you can eat healthy from time to time like you know that colourful thing that people eat what was it called? oh yes salad hahaha yeah eat that I hear its good!
Eat Junkfood but stay healthy!

The power of labels

We all have our insecurities right? and I think that the “don’t judge challenge” is just shaming all those people with pimples on there faces and calling them ugly. Also body shaming god i hate those people who just thing they can walk around and call you fat. In a matter of a fact, calling some people skinny could be as offensive. I would lie and say “its okay be fat” because its not and we all know it. Being overweight can cause several health problems that could put your life in risk. But then again people don’t have the right to come a call a person “fat” as you do not know what is wrong with them and what has got them to this shape. Calling someone fat does really hurt their feeling and i am sure everyone knows that. Even if it is intended as a joke or such. Consequences could lead to a person starving themselves for days, vomiting what they eat or even continuing to eat more. Trying to stay away from all the good food especially pizza and ice cream (man I’m starting to become hungry now, tho i just ate pizza) is not east at all. If you have a fat friend you should pull them aside and speak them to them nicely about the issue and maybe even offer to start exercising (i know i know that’s very hard i tried before didn’t like it but that’s what should be done) and eating healthy with them, that will encourage them to start dieting. Also, if your friend is underweight that is also dangerous and unhealthy and you should warn them too.

Another issue is stereotyping. Most of us teens watch those movies that are high school related and they always have people divided into groups like the jocks, the nerds, the plastic etc.. Therefore, everyone assumes that’s hows school should be, people should be divided into groups and such. Like really? are you serious? those labels are just stupid and could be hurtful sometimes you see. A lot might not see it that way but labels impact people BIG BIG time. Sometimes they could impact negatively while on the other hand they could have a positive impact right but then again labels are usually used as something negative. For instance, a teacher calling a student stupid surely wont help raise his grades.

Before you call anyone anything think of the impact it will have on them, think how it will make them feel and put yourself in their place.


Rape. We all know what that means don’t we? We usually associate it with women but it could possibly happen to men in a matter of fact. Opinions range about how women clothing is the reason for rape but if you ask me I think yeah it acts as a factor. If someone is all covered up and not showing cleavage then chances of them getting raped is less. Then again they could still get raped I mean I did specify that it is a FACTOR meaning that it could or could not influence rape. Feminists would probably say that women have the right to dress the way they like and they would still not be asking for it, thats true but a person must watch the way they dress. Partically( and I mean like around 10-14 percent) women could be blamed a little bit but not entirely.
Now why do we never really associate rape with men? its simple because men are tough and could take care of themselves. Growing up, boys will be allowed to go bring things from grocery but the girls aren’t. Thats a stereotype that is learned from childhood and remains in our head. That’s why men are considered to be able to take care of themselves and usually become independent before ladies. You wouldn’t expect a woman to come attack a guy and rape him right? you will probably assume that a man would have the strength to push her away but then again there are always exceptions.
Also, remember that these are no facts or anything, I am not stating a statement am just mentioning an opinion.

About to die

I just woke which is pretty late and that is probably because my sleeping schedule is messed up. In my religion we fast for a whole month from 4 am until 7pm so we sleep pretty late and wake up even more late hahaha. Anyhow, today i would like to tell you about what happened to us on the 17th of July. It was the first day of Eid and we went to Dubai. We decided to try and take the metro for the first time and that was a big big mistake. It was so crowded and getting from the metro to Dubai Mall was so hard because the passageway was so long and endless. On the way back we missed the metro so we had to take a taxi to our car. On the drive back from Dubai to AbuDhabi it was so foggy we couldn’t see anything. We even almost got killed by a truck that was moving towards our car and was going to crush us( at least that’s what mum thought and started screaming therefore scaring the shit out of everyone in the car). The view was blocked because of the fog and vision was very hard but of course dad was playing cool saying that it was no big deal and he could see and they shouldn’t panic. Mum was still on her nervous and about to have mental breakdown. So then mum suggested we park the car and stay until 5 am when the sun would’ve risen but dad says we should just continue going (he was driving at 40 m/s meaning our arrival will take around 4 hours or more). I suggested that someone should go out and clean the windows with a tissue but no one listened. Later on, they tried my idea and it work and everyone is just like “wow that was a really good idea good job” and am just like yeah i know thats why i suggested it. We trying to find a gas station to stop at but I could literally say all gas stations have vanished cause we have been driving for 2 hours and no gas station appeared on the way which is sad because gas station are usually found everywhere here am not even joking. Finally, after a whole lot of screaming and panicking from mum and my sister we found a station. We went to pray fajr and take a rest drink something warm and then continue the drive. We arrived at 6 am which was four hours from the time we took off. We were all exhausted and it was such a tiring day but on the  other hand i had a cake from The Cheesecake Factory that tasted great. i could say that most of what I was thinking about was me hoping not to die before i get the chance to eat my cake. Also, I did text my friend saying “I am going to die” but apparently she was sleeping at the time and only saw the message in the morning when she woke up and freaked out an called me 21 times. I was asleep then so i didn’t answer and she assumed i was dead. She then called the landline and my sister picked up and told i was sleeping. All I could say it that she was pretty made me but I have to admit it was hilarious.

Moral of the story: Never stay out too late or you will die on the way trying to make it home because the fog #JustUAEThings


To start with, I am not expecting anyone to read my blog tbh since I wont be telling my friends about it as I would like to keep my identity a secret. I think that adds more to effects to the writing.
Anyhow, when I was a little child(7 years old I guess) I studied this lesson abour inventors. I was quite amused by how those incredible people were capable of inventing these things. From that moment I knew what I wanted to be, an inventor. As I grew older I still had the dream of becoming an inventor it has always been my dream job. Plus, I always loved physics so I guess it was meant to be? Just to clarify I wanted to be an inventor in the field of mechanics and such stuff(idk if that made sense) not medicine. Anyway, I still havent entered university but I am aiming for MIT, the best engineering institution in the world. Out of 4000+ international student only 150 get accepted and I am hoping to be one of those but I still have couple years before uni so I still got time. I even changed from the british curriculum to IB  which is waay harder, stronger and better. It guarantees me abetter chance of entering MIT. My folks are afraid I won’t be capable of handling it but I think I can ad I will ace it. Education is very important to me and becoming something that matters, someone who changed world into a better place, some google will remember their birthday hahaha. As you see I am a very ambitious person who do the most they can to make it in life and in their carrer.