Been off for a while …

So I have been gone for a while now and that is due to the fact that firstly in summer we traveled to my home country and internet was terrible so i couldn’t blog. Then when i came to AbuDhabi I directly started school and being an IB student is not easy AT ALL. So much studying to be done plus the volunteering work and etc.. Also pt the fact that I moved to  new school this year to be an Ib students. I am fitting in well and i made so many friends and it wasn’t hard thats probably due to my open personality and my fun spirit. Last week i decided to run for the position of the vice president of the school even though i am new and it has been a stressful week i had to make posters prepare my speech convince people to vote for me uh wasn’t easy at all i even did terrible on my physics midterm and probably failed but tbh that wasn’t due to my busyness with my campaign its just that physics is really hard. Why did i even take it as a subject? oh right i don’t want to spend my entire life studying  in university you know doctors and shit. Also even though physics is extremely hard i still love it you know i just enjoy it and i have always wanted to be an inventor but as i grew up i know what i wanted to invent. So anyway back to my campaign it was kind of a success i guess i had really cool posters with a sense of humour and creativity in them and then on Thursday i said the best speech anyone has ever heard actually i rapped it. The crowd was cheering so loudly even the teachers loved it. i felt like i am on top of the world and nothing could beat me. it was the best feeling ever. The voting will take place tom and funny thing is i am responsible for collecting and counting the votes along with my classmates like burh for real you pick me? Anyway I am  new student in the school so i am not expecting to win but if i did that would be awesome cause tbh think i am the most fit for the position because of my creativity and great leadership and outgoing personality. if was in my old school i would’ve probably won for sure but sadly i am not. So wish me best of luck that i win tom and lets just hope for the best!


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