I have been thinking a lot about what should I write about today and then it just hit me. Dates. I really don’t understand this trend with the *shoving breadstick into bag* thing tbh but it is kinda funny. Anyhow, tbh I never really been on a date before no that I am a forever alone person? it just that I dont really believe in dating in such a age you know? But still that wont stop me from blogging about the shit you should do on dates.
You should never check you phone ay man its a sign of not being interested and even if you are not interested be nice and act poliet and gentleman/lady. Second, the guy has to always pay(we all know that), if you let your date pay then you are an ass. If you are interested in your date and you think it nay wor between u two both then engage more in the conversation dont be nervous and shy, chicks dont dig shy guys or maybe some do idk. But what I do know is that you should impose your presence but not be dominant cause that will just be annoying as hell. Just tell yourself “I am an awesome dude/girl, if my date doesn’t like or doesn’t see that then it’s their loss” unless you act like a jerk/B**** then yeah forget about what I said.
May I add that you are below 18 years old you should really be dating because in this age you zhould be focusing on school and getting into a good university. I mean you have your friends as company you don’t need a bf/gf too much drama.
Now, my opinion of an idle date is that he takes me somewhere fun! I don’t want to go sit in a restaurant and do nothing.  We could go to fun city or bowling and he will of course let win in most games although I dont think he will need too cause I will probs win in everything cause I am like you know lol (jk). Then after having fun he takes me to eat cause I will probably be starving actually not cross probably I will be starving I always am. We go eat and he pays as gentleman and then take me for a walk in a park(even tho I hate parks here they all look ew but the ones on tv like those in New York look really nice. Then he drops me home and wishes me a lovely night. (keeping it PG hahah) so yeah basically thats it the perfect date.


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