Food. We all love food whether its fast food, healthy food or any kind of food(but like fast food more ofc). I mean it is essential to keep us alive right? Man, I dont kno about you people but I loooove pizza. I was just arguing with this guy( who i had a crush on and apparently still not over it lol sad life) that pizza is the best thing ever but he is like no its not that good. Hum not sure why I have a crush on him tbh lol. I would like to take this moment and post this quote said by Marshall from HIMYM

We begin with the first bite. Aww the crunch, and then marinara, that roiling lava of tomato and oregano it overtakes you. I’m falling. And that’s when she catches you. That chewy voluptuous mistress Mozzarella. Oven-kissed cheeks crackle with warmth in your mouth, cradling the sauce and the bread letting you know from now on this is home. This pizza… It’s home.

I completely agree with every word he said and if u do too I guess our friendship is meant to be. Pizza is one of the main reasons why I wanna travel to Italy. Okay, pizza isn’t my only favourite thing SPHAGETTI(not rly sure how its spelt dont judge) AND PASTA AYYY I love pasta man its like my second favourite thing in the world( well not second but you get were I am going with this)
Pasta is just so good especially the oven cooked once dayym. I am inlove.
I just love food. I mean I am not really that fat but I do need to drop some weight BUT LIKE HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO STOP EATING KFC AND ALL THESE DELICOUS STUFF TELL MEE?? I mean I do go to the gym once every God knows how long tbh (jk I got to the gym like weekly) but still. I find die ti ing really hard and having to stick with healthy food for a period. My friend once did it idk how but she did it. I still envy her for that but I am also really proud of her for actually sticking up to the diet and losing so much weight. Anyhow, what am saying is that we all love food and live is too short to diet and not eat ehat you love (unless you are really overweight and you are under a risk of getting disease and dying then yeah you should stay away from unhealth food). Also, you can eat healthy from time to time like you know that colourful thing that people eat what was it called? oh yes salad hahaha yeah eat that I hear its good!
Eat Junkfood but stay healthy!


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