The power of labels

We all have our insecurities right? and I think that the “don’t judge challenge” is just shaming all those people with pimples on there faces and calling them ugly. Also body shaming god i hate those people who just thing they can walk around and call you fat. In a matter of a fact, calling some people skinny could be as offensive. I would lie and say “its okay be fat” because its not and we all know it. Being overweight can cause several health problems that could put your life in risk. But then again people don’t have the right to come a call a person “fat” as you do not know what is wrong with them and what has got them to this shape. Calling someone fat does really hurt their feeling and i am sure everyone knows that. Even if it is intended as a joke or such. Consequences could lead to a person starving themselves for days, vomiting what they eat or even continuing to eat more. Trying to stay away from all the good food especially pizza and ice cream (man I’m starting to become hungry now, tho i just ate pizza) is not east at all. If you have a fat friend you should pull them aside and speak them to them nicely about the issue and maybe even offer to start exercising (i know i know that’s very hard i tried before didn’t like it but that’s what should be done) and eating healthy with them, that will encourage them to start dieting. Also, if your friend is underweight that is also dangerous and unhealthy and you should warn them too.

Another issue is stereotyping. Most of us teens watch those movies that are high school related and they always have people divided into groups like the jocks, the nerds, the plastic etc.. Therefore, everyone assumes that’s hows school should be, people should be divided into groups and such. Like really? are you serious? those labels are just stupid and could be hurtful sometimes you see. A lot might not see it that way but labels impact people BIG BIG time. Sometimes they could impact negatively while on the other hand they could have a positive impact right but then again labels are usually used as something negative. For instance, a teacher calling a student stupid surely wont help raise his grades.

Before you call anyone anything think of the impact it will have on them, think how it will make them feel and put yourself in their place.


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