Rape. We all know what that means don’t we? We usually associate it with women but it could possibly happen to men in a matter of fact. Opinions range about how women clothing is the reason for rape but if you ask me I think yeah it acts as a factor. If someone is all covered up and not showing cleavage then chances of them getting raped is less. Then again they could still get raped I mean I did specify that it is a FACTOR meaning that it could or could not influence rape. Feminists would probably say that women have the right to dress the way they like and they would still not be asking for it, thats true but a person must watch the way they dress. Partically( and I mean like around 10-14 percent) women could be blamed a little bit but not entirely.
Now why do we never really associate rape with men? its simple because men are tough and could take care of themselves. Growing up, boys will be allowed to go bring things from grocery but the girls aren’t. Thats a stereotype that is learned from childhood and remains in our head. That’s why men are considered to be able to take care of themselves and usually become independent before ladies. You wouldn’t expect a woman to come attack a guy and rape him right? you will probably assume that a man would have the strength to push her away but then again there are always exceptions.
Also, remember that these are no facts or anything, I am not stating a statement am just mentioning an opinion.


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