About to die

I just woke which is pretty late and that is probably because my sleeping schedule is messed up. In my religion we fast for a whole month from 4 am until 7pm so we sleep pretty late and wake up even more late hahaha. Anyhow, today i would like to tell you about what happened to us on the 17th of July. It was the first day of Eid and we went to Dubai. We decided to try and take the metro for the first time and that was a big big mistake. It was so crowded and getting from the metro to Dubai Mall was so hard because the passageway was so long and endless. On the way back we missed the metro so we had to take a taxi to our car. On the drive back from Dubai to AbuDhabi it was so foggy we couldn’t see anything. We even almost got killed by a truck that was moving towards our car and was going to crush us( at least that’s what mum thought and started screaming therefore scaring the shit out of everyone in the car). The view was blocked because of the fog and vision was very hard but of course dad was playing cool saying that it was no big deal and he could see and they shouldn’t panic. Mum was still on her nervous and about to have mental breakdown. So then mum suggested we park the car and stay until 5 am when the sun would’ve risen but dad says we should just continue going (he was driving at 40 m/s meaning our arrival will take around 4 hours or more). I suggested that someone should go out and clean the windows with a tissue but no one listened. Later on, they tried my idea and it work and everyone is just like “wow that was a really good idea good job” and am just like yeah i know thats why i suggested it. We trying to find a gas station to stop at but I could literally say all gas stations have vanished cause we have been driving for 2 hours and no gas station appeared on the way which is sad because gas station are usually found everywhere here am not even joking. Finally, after a whole lot of screaming and panicking from mum and my sister we found a station. We went to pray fajr and take a rest drink something warm and then continue the drive. We arrived at 6 am which was four hours from the time we took off. We were all exhausted and it was such a tiring day but on the  other hand i had a cake from The Cheesecake Factory that tasted great. i could say that most of what I was thinking about was me hoping not to die before i get the chance to eat my cake. Also, I did text my friend saying “I am going to die” but apparently she was sleeping at the time and only saw the message in the morning when she woke up and freaked out an called me 21 times. I was asleep then so i didn’t answer and she assumed i was dead. She then called the landline and my sister picked up and told i was sleeping. All I could say it that she was pretty made me but I have to admit it was hilarious.

Moral of the story: Never stay out too late or you will die on the way trying to make it home because the fog #JustUAEThings


2 thoughts on “About to die

  1. Oh my. i honestly dont whether im gonna laugh or be nervous. you have quite a humor when telling stories. lol. have a safe trip next time. i’m glad you had your cheesecake. hahaha



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