To start with, I am not expecting anyone to read my blog tbh since I wont be telling my friends about it as I would like to keep my identity a secret. I think that adds more to effects to the writing.
Anyhow, when I was a little child(7 years old I guess) I studied this lesson abour inventors. I was quite amused by how those incredible people were capable of inventing these things. From that moment I knew what I wanted to be, an inventor. As I grew older I still had the dream of becoming an inventor it has always been my dream job. Plus, I always loved physics so I guess it was meant to be? Just to clarify I wanted to be an inventor in the field of mechanics and such stuff(idk if that made sense) not medicine. Anyway, I still havent entered university but I am aiming for MIT, the best engineering institution in the world. Out of 4000+ international student only 150 get accepted and I am hoping to be one of those but I still have couple years before uni so I still got time. I even changed from the british curriculum to IB  which is waay harder, stronger and better. It guarantees me abetter chance of entering MIT. My folks are afraid I won’t be capable of handling it but I think I can ad I will ace it. Education is very important to me and becoming something that matters, someone who changed world into a better place, some google will remember their birthday hahaha. As you see I am a very ambitious person who do the most they can to make it in life and in their carrer.


4 thoughts on “Ambition

      1. There are so many issues people go through in life but each one of those has a very strong impact on mind and heart.I am myself broken but I’ve been try to motivate myself .


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